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Hi All been looking for this map for about 4 years does anyone still have
this map available for download as the download section shows an invalid 404. any help I would be most grateful
warmest wishes to all sweeper69

If any of you are still interested in AIX check this website out
Loads of maps and reworked ones and some new maps out with some more to come

Hi mate,

I'm sorry about our download section. Our webhost asked us to remove our 20GB+ of maps saying that we were storing data on their server. Therefore, all the files were removed. However, we still have them somewhere. I have a backup in one of my HDDs, unfortunately it will take some time to find. You should contact our member Secondhonor. He's the one that uploaded the map on the site. Maybe he has a copy close-by.

Thanks for visiting, we always try to be useful.

Hi mate
If you could find the map I would be one hell of a happy chappie lol
No rush but I do know of a few gamers who also would like the map

Yeah i would say contact secondhonor or kisshot!


--- Quote from: Asraelite on July 22, 2013, 07:43:56 AM ---Yeah i would say contact secondhonor or kisshot!

--- End quote ---

@sweeper pm me youre E-Mail then i send you the aix_fieldcannon_2009.rar


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