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Sad News in Germany
« on: March 13, 2009, 12:17:39 AM »
I was reading the newspaper on my way back home, and I found a sad article about a massacre in a German secondary school.  A young teen shot to death 15 persons before pointing the gun towards himself.  9 of them were students. 

Read these articles:

Browse the pictures and read the bottom infos:]
Find the one with the video game.  This one rises big debates.  How these games are really affecting our kids or even our own behavior...

Two timelines with school massacres:

Same incidents here in Montreal: (the first one happen when I was 10, and my mom couldn't explain to me why this happened... she was in tears and speechless)  --->1989  --->2006

I now regret the day I was in 4th grade in high shcool and my friend showed me his 9mm in his locker. The bad thing is that I didn't do anything about it.  That was the days I was with bad company, I had bad links.  Fortunately for me I got out of that world.  All I can remember is running away so many times from the cops, and not being caught.  No way they could catch me, I played football in high school, so I ran like hell through private properties, over fences..., met some nice dogs on the way too, luckily no doberman or rottweiler.  By the time backup was there, I was 10 nlocks away.

Finally, I don't know what happen to my friend or either what he's done with his gun.  Can you imagine how easy it was for a teenage to find a gun and to bring it to school.  I'm just shocked thinking about it today!  My kids will soon be in presence of these troubled students.  Cause we know there's always some mentally ill kids in school, even in private ones, and combining that with the presence of weapons will rises the risks of disasters waiting to happen.  Damn it's so stressful!

We had police walking in the corridors to supervise our activities, and some cameras were installed around the school's perimeter.  It didn't stopped us from smoking weed in class.  Can you imagine me with my pipe and lighter in the back of the class.  Or getting drunk at lunch time, and going in my physic course.  The 3rd Newton law was so true. hehe!  I remember a linebacker on my team who took an acid every game, and at the end of the season he won defensive player of the year... can you believe that!  Oh yeah I forgot, he cried a lot during the games... that was his bad-trip I guess.

Enough talking about my dark past.  I just wanted to let you know which memories the shooting in Germany brought back to my conscience.  I'm so troubled by these stories... damn guns.  It's so easy to kill with these fuckers.


Sad News in Germany
« on: March 13, 2009, 12:17:39 AM »



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