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OK everyone, it's time to list everything that must be done on our website.  I'll start, and you can add more stuff.

1. Add the Top Banner
2. Fix the Donation Section
3. Fix the White background bars in the download section
4. Wash all the moose butts from the site
5. Set the players stat pages for BF2 and BC2
6. Set the media section for people to post pics and vids
7. Fix the post attachments to be able to see .gif animations
8. Quick links on home page for pwte events (details here)

I know there's more that must to be done, but I don't have them in mind.  It's your turn to add them below, and I will update my list up here.  And once the task is completed, I will mark it this way.

edited (11-3-2010)
Sorry folks, I forgot to give people rights to post here :P  It's now done.  Members and admins can post replies, but they cannot start topics on this board.

Don't touch my moose butt  :) moose butt

Don't grab my bootie and I won't grab you, don't touch my bootie cause it's not the thing to do!

Hey guys,

I had some free time to play around with the logo theme.

If you like it, please, feel  free to use it  :D


I like it!


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