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Site maintenance on the 26 and 27 of March.

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OK guys, the site will be up and down during that week-end, therefore posts made during those days might not be saved.  It's preferable you wait Monday before you post anything on the forum.

The main reason why I picked that date, it's because I'll have my new cable connection on the 24th.  I prefer having a reliable connection when I play with the database.  I don't want to lose any of your previous posts, that you might qualify as precious!

Anyways, I'll be doing my do to list found here:

You can add more stuff you wish to have to that list, and I'll have a look at it.

I just hope everything goes well, cause I don't want to pay BF3 for all my admins and members. (See my last promise somewhere on the forum...) The good thing for me is that I can change what I said directly in the database, and you won't see any edit on my post ;)

Past reference copied and pasted to note book. Got em .  ;) Good luck and please no mistakes this time we expect perfection and require nothing less. Btw did you get your package yet ???

OK, I noticed the date on my calendar.

OK guys, I might void what I've said about fixing the site this week-end.  I have an extremely good reason, and I can provide a doctor's diagnosis report.  Don't worry, I'm fine, but my girl has a dental abscess that went bad.  The good news is that she's getting better by the hour.   I've been with her at the hospital since Friday afternoon, and my girlfriend just replaced me at 10:00pm.  She wanted to calm down before seeing my daughter.  You know, she didn't want our daughter to see her state of panic.  Finally, she got a hold of herself, and replaced me for the second night my girl has to stay there.  I'll go back tomorrow morning to see how thing goes.  My guess is that they are going to keep her another day for observations.

Let me explain to whole story.  A month ago, we went to see another dentist, cause ours was in vacation.  But that stupid dentist went too deep with his drill, so a week later it got infected and it resulted in an abscess.  Half of her face was badly swollen, so our dentist prescribed antibiotics.  Three days later, her face was back to normal and the pain completely gone a few days later.  End of story... NOT!  Thursday, as she was coming back from school, she complained about pain in her face again, so this time we gave her tylenol (acetaminophen) and put her to bed later.  Friday morn... bang!  Her cheek was all swollen, so her mom took her back to our dentist, and I went to work thinking it would be the same as last time... wrong was I!  When the dentist saw her, he was in panic.  He gave us some antibiotic to give her right away, and told us to go to the hospital to have the antibiotic via intravenous to have faster results.  We saw a doctor at 9:00pm.  A whole day of waiting.  They moved us to a room and kept us for the night.  At that time, 80% of her left side was swollen.  We could barely see her left eye.  After a whole night with the meds rushing through her veins, we finally saw some progress.  Unfortunately, the pediatrician still didn't like what he saw, so he decided to keep her for another day.  Now, after seeing my girl tonight, I know her condition won't be good enough for the doc tomorrow, so it's why I plan going back for the whole day.

So this explains why your site won't be fixed this week-end.  I can't say I'm sorry this time, however it's just too bad, and it will have to wait an extra week or two.

Cheers guys!

Wow! All the best for your girl!


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