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The site as been victim of a lot of bot spam lately.  I've banned more bots in the past two weeks than I have in the previous year.  For that matter, I'll have to install new security features on our forum.

However, these measures will only affect new subscribers when they create their account.  More questions will be asked to determine if a bot or a human is trying to create an account.  For example, you'll need to check a box if you're human ;).

Furthermore, these security ad-dons will reduce the IP ranges I need to ban.  Hopefully, I will no longer need to ban via IP range, so the risk of blocking a real member will be nil.

Thanks for your eternal patience.  It's good we have game servers to keep you occupied ;)

Right! Few sites use a number/digit (with 4 to 6) to enter for to valide the inscriptions or a doubble words to write on the check box...

In the forum registration, the new security feature is paying off. No bots have been able to register on our site! yeah!

To view this feature, you can logout, and try a search. You'll see that bots are too dumb to assemble a puzzle. :) :) :)

While we talk about bots, here's one that was going through our downloads.

I've blocked this IP range: 180.76.5.*

If some of you, by any chances, see something irrigular, please take a screen shot, and send it to me.

Thanks for your help.


I think the check box should say "check if your NOT human" Every one else using check if your human.


--- Quote from: Zed on December 15, 2011, 06:53:17 PM ---I think the check box should say "check if your NOT human" Every one else using check if your human.

--- End quote ---

This mod is available, but will only be used if we encounter more problems.

--- Quote ---Anti-Bot: Are You Human/Bot?
A simple anti-bot registration check that requires registering users to confirm that they are HUMAN.
--- End quote ---

The only thing bots can do, is browse the forum pages, those that can be seen by guests.


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