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To Do List December 2011

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The Site is on his way to completion. Here's a few things that needs to be addressed:

- Create Clan Banner, and implement it.
- Re-organise categories and boards. Set a few of them viewable to public, especially humour to attract more people on the site.
- Re-Upload the files for the download section.  (SecondHonor as been waiting for 10 months now) 
- Install these mods:
     PM attachment (Parsing needed)        -------> To attach files with PMs.
     Custom Form (Parsing required as well)        -------> Create forms for membership and adminship. With auto-post fonctionnality.
     Admin Notepad        -------> Note pad for me and future site administrators.
     Thumbnail on Topic Listing        -------> Adds an image of the first attached image of the thread or default image
     Enotify        -------> Alerts of new message or replies LIVE. A little like facebook.
     Advance Facebook Like button        -------> You facebook geeks know what this is, the rest don't
     Footer Menu        -------> With links to important sections and pages.
     Google +1 topic        -------> To add points for a topic in the google engine.

- Fix some text color, link color, 'quote' background color.
- Develop the Gallery to put our pics.
- Re-design the donation page, and add links to organisms like red cross, cancer research and others that you will propose to me.
- Remove hundreds of bot members, and those that haven't logged in two years. Approx. 400 accounts.
- Add the avatars we had, and other backup folders.
- Add Query to see ALL unread posts.


You forgot "Get Zed laid"! ;)

No, I didnt !

I forgot to add the avatars.. the ones we had before and the ones from the topic adding avatars. 
OK, back to folding close, and watching Sukiyaki Western Django...

Suka-what?! Is that some kind of asian midget beastiality and/or bondage porn?  If so, send me the link. ;)


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