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Forum Maintenance Sunday 09-14-2008


Dear =PWTE= forum members,

This message is to inform you that our forum will be down sunday the 14th of september for maintenance.  We'll be modifying the main structure of the forum, so we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and appreciate your patience.

The Paddling With The Enemy! Team.


Sorry everyone, I had to go at the hospital half way through the modifications, because my daughter was doing temperature.  She was at 39.3 celsius.  I'm writing from a $1/min. internet station at the hospital right now.  Been here for about 5 hours.  There's so many ambulances coming in, and having priority on us.  I think I have another 3 hours to wait.  I'm sure my girl has a tonsillitis.  She has a swollen gland in the neck.  It's pretty scary... from a  parent's view, but it's always like that. I guess.

I'll finish the forum monday the 15th of september 2008 during the day.  Once more, I'm sorry for the troubles it may cause you.

FROG (aka Admin Lord)

Nice Job, thankyou for the modifacations. I hope your daughter is OK.

OK guys, the forum's  major modifications have been done.  I only need to move a few topics in their respective places.  As you can see, the forum is twice bigger with its new categories.  Please browse the forum to see all the new places to post your threads.

By the way, my girl is fine.  She's on Novamoxin (It tastes strawberry Jello).  So her Tonsil should be fine in the next few days.


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